In March last year, my wife and I went to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, for the first time to go through a medical checkup, which we usually did in Hong Kong every year. As recommended by our friend, we went to Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital. The environment was so nice and comfortable that we felt like we were in a hotel, rather than in a hospital. We also felt like VIPs as we were very well taken care of. A dedicated nurse was assigned to each of us to guide us through the entire “medical checkup journey”. All examinations were conducted in the same building and on the same floor. There was a grand hall where sofas were available for rest, chat, and watching TV, while waiting for the next checkup. After having lunch at the canteen, we returned to a reserved private room to rest for half an hour. At around 3 p.m., all examinations were completed and shortly after, a consulting doctor came to explain us the test results.

The examination fees were less than half of what we paid in Hong Kong while medical equipment and facilities were new and advance. I must say that there was nothing inferior to Hong Kong, if not better. It gives us a new perspective and experience on “medical checkup”. This year, I will definitely go back there and continue for following years. Of course, my concern is that we will consume more time than if we would have done it in Hong Kong. Well, the good point is: we can go to Taiwan for holidays and to meet with our friends, while enjoying a great medical checkup, it is certainly a “Double Benefits”!

Eva & William Yim, 香港


我們每年都循例在香港做體檢。 因著朋友的推薦,去年三月,我們首度前往高雄榮民總醫院進行全面的體檢。 體檢中心的環境非常好,尤如置身於酒店而不覺得是醫院。 我和我妻子每人都獲委派一位盡心盡力的護理師全程照顧我們。我們就如貴賓一樣享受整個體檢過程。 所有體檢項目都圍繞在一個大堂內不同的房間進行。 大堂中放置很多 “梳化”, 讓我和太太可以舒適地聊天,休息和看電視。 我們也在體檢中心內附設的飯堂享用午餐。 之後,回到為我們預留的 VIP 房休息,還睡了大概半個小時。 約下午三點,所有體檢項目都己完成。 過不久,顧問醫生便向我們解說每一個體檢項目的結果。

體檢中心的儀器和設施都非常先進和新穎,絕不比香港一流的醫院遜色。 價錢卻平宜一半有多。 它讓我們對體檢有全新的體驗。 今後,我們定必每年回去榮總做體檢。 當然,前往台灣會多花點時間,但既能當作渡假,與朋友相聚,又能安心體檢,絕對是相得益彰。

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